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Prof.Hock-Hai Teo's Lecture Notice

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Topic1: Should Websites Be Acculturated? Website Complexity, Cultural Cognitive Style and User Impact

Topic2: Outreach talk: PhD Program in National University of Singapore,

Department of Information Systems and Analytics: Opportunities and Prospects

Presenter:Hock-Hai Teo Department of Information Systems and Analytics School of Computing National University of Singapore

Host by:Prpf.Hao Jinxing

Time:2019.9.24 14:00-16:00



Globalization has driven many organizations to develop an international presence on the web. As the complexity of a website plays a central role in influencing its users’ experiences, building a culturally competent website to address the subtle psychological preferences for website complexity inherent in different cultures is of paramount importance. This research investigates the effects of cultural cognitive styles on website complexity perception and use performance as well as the downstream effect of complexity perception on user satisfaction. Drawing on the cultural cognitive style literature, we propose that individuals with holistic cognitive style and analytic cognitive style will exhibit varying perception, performance, and satisfaction when a website’s complexity increases along two dimensions: component and coordinative. Three laboratory experiments were conducted. Study 1 examined the effects of one’s chronically accessible cognitive style by using

Chinese and Western subjects to represent two cultural cognitive styles. Study 2 involved a group of bicultural subjects, Singaporeans and used psychological priming method to prime subjects’ cognitive styles. Study 3 conducted a full factorial design of component and coordinative complexity on the same website with priming methods on Singaporean subjects. The results confirmed our propositions. This study provides a strong theoretical basis for website acculturation strategies and extends website complexity literature to the cross-cultural context. It suggests pragmatic strategies for practitioners to improve website design to attract an international audience.

About the presenter

Hock-Hai Teo is Provost's Chair Professor of Information Systems. He served as the Head of theDepartment of Information Systems and Analytics at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore from August 2008 to June 2015 and as Vice-Dean, Corporate Communications from August 2007 to August 2008. His current research interests focus mainly on Health Informatics, open innovation, and IT artifacts that are geared towards improving individual decision-making, health outcomes, and educational outcomes. Dr. Teo has published broadly in journals such as the ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Information Systems Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, and Information and Management and has presented at numerous international conferences, including the International Conference on Information Systems. He is currently serving or has served on the editorial boards of Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Information Systems Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management and MIS Quarterly. He has won numerous best paper award at conferences and was also the winner of the MIS Quarterly Reviewer of the Year (2004) award.  

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