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Dr.Fangni Zhang from University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney Visited BUAA SEMand Gave a Seminar

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Dr.Fangni Zhang from New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney visited BUAA SEM and gave aseminar, “Quantifying the demand and impacts of the high-speed railway”, on 11th September, 2019. Prof. Qiong Tian chaired this seminar. Other participants wereDr. Wei Liu from UNSE, Prof. RenyongGuo, Prof. Tianliang Liu, Dr. Chenlan Wang,Dr. Chunan Wang, Dr. Xinwei Li and over 20 students from BUAA.

Therapid development of high-speed rail (HSR) around the world, especially inChina, has revitalized the railway industry while posing considerablechallenges for transport management. This talk discussed some recent researchadvances in HSR demand modeling and economic impact quantifications. In thefirst part, they talked about the modeling and estimation of HSR demanddistribution based on ticket booking records in the Railway Ticketing System(e.g., 12306). Methods that estimate the possible desired departure time period(PDDTP) for each trip, and hence the aggregate demand distribution, will bediscussed. The second part of this talk presented some econometric studies thatquantify the multi-fold impact of HSR on regional location endowment (evaluatedby accessibility and connectivity), on economic growth, and on othersubstitutional and complementary transport modes. The results expectto shed lights on the large-scale HSR network modeling,transport infrastructure planning, and multi-modal transport system management.  

AfterDr. Zhang’s talk, she answered teachers’ and students’ questions. This seminaris fruitful, and will be helpful for our modeling of transportation problem inthe future.