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China Business Case Research Center

Founded in September 2010, the China Business Case Research Center aims to record and investigate the experience and challenges of Chinese enterprises, and provide insights for them, in the form of teaching case and case research. Accordingly, the China Business Case Research Center focuses on the development of both case-based teaching and case research, and promotes high standard international collaboration in relevant areas.

Ever since its establishment, the China Business Case Research Center has been constantly promoting case-based teaching through encouraging the development of teaching cases, and promoting case research through international collaboration and domestic research team building. Today, the China Business Case Research Center not only has become a major institution for producing high-quality teaching case and case research, but also has become a national training platform for case-based teaching and case research.

Consequently, the China Business Case Research Center has formed the “4C1I" feature in School of Economics and Management, namely, case development, case teaching, case research, case competition and internationalization. The feature has significantly enhanced the capability of teachers and students and has yielded fruitful results. To be specific, the “4C1I” refers to:

1. Case Development: Both faculties and students contribute to the case development actively in case development.

2. Case Teaching: Faculties excel in teaching due to the case-based teaching material developed by themselves.

3. Case Research: Form a well-structured qualitative research team with competitive research project leaders and major funding supports from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

4. Case Competition: Always provide a strong coach team for various case competitions.

5. Internationalization: Forms strong collaboration with leading international talents and follows leading international practices.

Regarding case development and teaching, the China Business Case Research Center has won a total of 36 National "100 Excellent Management Case” Awards, which is the second-highest in the nation. In addition, the China Business Case Research Center has won the most number of teaching cases regarding the Professional Master Degree Programs. Two cases won the F. Warren McFarlan Case Award, one was published in the Harvard Business Press, two were published in the Ivey Case Series.

Based on the great achievements on case development, the China Business Case Research Center serves as a major national training platform for case development and case-based teaching. In 2015, over 180 faculties from over 50 universities received such training services.

As for the case research, the China Business Case Research Center has been collaborating with Professor Shan-Ling Pan from University of New South Wales for years, and held Structural-Pragmatic-Situational (SPS) Case Research Method Workshops for 5 consecutive years. The total attendants of SPS workshop exceeds 500 persons, which is of great impact and importance in promoting case research in China.

Meanwhile, the China Business Case Research Center gradually formed a competitive international collaboration on case research, with rich research publications on leading international and domestic academic journals. Two case research paper won the Best Paper Awards of "Chinese Enterprises Management Case and Qualitative Research Forum". Four won the Best Case Research Paper Awards of “China – Practices - Management” Forum in 4 consecutive years.

Last but not least, under the coach of China Business Case Research Center faculties, the MBA students of Beihang University won the champion, runner-up and finalists for several times in various major case competitions at national level.