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Gao yuanyang:Ready for battle—review of China’s general aviation in 2015

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At the invitation of the Bureau of civil aviation, Prof Yuanyang Gao givesa review article for general aviation industry every year. The followingis the review article this year, published on《China Civil Aviation》on Jan. 6th, 2016.

Ready for battle—review of China’sgeneral aviation in 2015

1. Policy: welcome fillip

In November 2015, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the suggestions for China’s 13th plan of five-year national development, which mentioned “accelerate the development of the infrastructure construction of water conservancy, railway, highway,water carriage, civil aviation, general aviation, pipeline and post”. General aviation was shown in such a high-level documentfor the first time. In September, Civil Aviation Bureauissued《InterimProceduresfor the Managementof Charter Flight of General Aviation》.

The general aviation can bring investment, consumption and employment. We have very good conditiontodevelop it, and it will develop well.

2. General aviationproducts: "made in China"

2015's global general aviation market is still in the decline cycle. However, China market still keepsitsgrowing. Thus China has already become the most important emerging markets.

At the same time, we can find a lot of “made in China” in the industry of general aviation. We still need more time to know whether the experimental aircraft can get business success. It is not a matter of technology, but a breakthrough in flight management policies. We hope the related standards and management policies can be issued soon to promote the innovation of general aviation products.

3. Operation and service: a long way to go

If we do not improve the operation environment of general aviation, I think a lot of companies will not survive, since the number of crafts and flying hours are going up.

We still have a lot of problems, like lack of general aviation airports, lack of aviation materials, the shortage of pilots, and low altitude has not really open.

4. Generalaviationairports: innovative sprit

The construction of general aviation airportswill make a big change to a city. It should be putontothe construction schedule in the capital city of every province.

It is not necessary to beverybig and the same in each city. We should encourage innovation in the construction. Sometimes, we canalsolearn from foreign navigation airports, for example,the use ofdouble cross runway.

5. Unmanned aircraft: who opened Pandora's box?

Unmanned aircraft market grows very rapidly in recent years. The safety problem is not a Chinese problem, but a global problem. In order to solveit, we need to treat the relationship between technology, management regulation, and flying behaviour very well.

6. Exhibition and culture: hot and cold

In 2015, the public are enthusiastic in aviation conventions, so it seems very hot. But from the side of manufacturers and professional audiences, it is very cold. Thus we need to rethink the problem and do some innovation. We need to pay more attention to be professional and also improve the business function of exhibitions. The development of the general aviation culture needs support and participationfromthe whole society.