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Wang Huiwen: 'Love' promotes students' growth

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In 2012, Dean WANG Huiwen of School of Economics and Management (SEM) was interviewed by the Beihang University Gazette and presented her opinion on students' education:

1 A new dimension in understanding and position of talent cultivation objectives

The objective is to cultivate management talents with the scientific spirit, kind spirit, professional skill, and positive attitude. Knowledge teaching and technical skill training are emphasized while the soft skills don't attract enough attention. In the practice, we find that it is more important to improve student's abilities for cognition and thinking and care the spiritual growth. That is, besides 'To know or to do', we also focus on 'to be.'

2 The reform of training system of SEM

A comprehensive reform of training system has completed, mainly manifested in two aspects, curriculum design and extracurricular activities. We have revised the undergraduate academic program from its 2012 edition regarding curriculum design. In the current edition, we add experimental teaching and interactive teaching. For extracurricular activities, we encourage our students to plan, organize and implement various activities separately and independently.

3 The featured curriculum system of SEM

We have discussed with alumnus, professors, and students when we design our curriculum. Thus we add more courses on developing thinking and skills and improve experiment teaching and general training. We offer the public elective courses for both undergraduates and graduates. We have many popular courses, for example, 'Positive Psychology' by Professor LIU Yanyu, 'Career planning' by Professor SU Wenping and 'Current situation and policy'. Besides, we invite professionals and scholars in various fields to give high-level lectures regularly.

4 What is 'Mentoring Program.'

Mentor, from Greek Mentor, the friend of Odysseus and adviser of Telemachus, is the best term to describe good teachers and helpful friends. We select 23 excellent senior students to mentor freshmen and establish a platform for them to sharing life and study experience with each other. 'Mentoring program' connect students with love and caring, and consequently increase students' engagement and happiness.

5 Cultural development and achievement of teaching reform of SEM

The goal of cultural development is to have shared vision and value for both students and faculty in SEM. We encourage professors to take part in teaching reform and ask them to share the experience. Incentive policy and evaluation method are developed to improve case teaching, experiment teaching and practical teaching. Research center for case teaching is developed to achieve both academic and practical purposes.

6 Endeavor on construction of supportive platform and practical base of SEM

We have established the research center for education development, the research center for experiment teaching and the research center for case teaching. We have several key laboratories, such as 'the Key Laboratory of Complex System Analysis and Management Decision, Ministry of Education, China'. We have cooperation with many companies such as The Aviation industry of China, where our students can apply for internship and have a good practice.

7 The most impressive experience on educational reform

The most impressive experience on educational reform is the connection. We connect young students with senior students to help them sharing the experience. We connect student and professors to improve teaching reform. We connect the school with companies to help our students to practice. I felt so moved and touched when I recall the education reform in this year. Our students teach me a lot of things indeed. The effects of education reform of SEM are beyond the original expectations and very excellent.