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Name:FANG Hong
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Hong Fang is Professor of International business strategy 、Foreign Direct Investment 、International Transfer of Technology、International Trade and Environment at the School of Economics and Management of Beihang University(BUAA) where he has been on the faculty since 2003. She is Director of International Business Research Center,School of Economics and Management of Beihang University. And also served on the Director of China Marketing Association,China Commercial Economy Association,China Institute of Environmental Economics,Commissioner of Academic Association and Commissioner in Economics and Management of the Examination Instruction Group of the National Higher Education Committee. She is an expert Consultant of Commerce Ministry.China Council For The Promotion of International Trade.

Prior to joining the Beihang University(BUAA) School of Economics and Management, Professor Fang served as researcher for Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Science from Sep.2001 to Jun.2003. She was Director of Economics and Management Department of Yunnan Administration University in 1997. And also served on the Consultant in Beijing TongShiFeiTian Commercial Consultancy, the Consultant in Beijing YuanTongLiZhen Consultancy.

Professor Fang's research has been published in various journals, including the Journal of the Energy Policy (English) , Journal of Statistical Research (China), Journal of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Journal of Ecological Economy, Journal of Macroeconomic Research, Journal of Finance and Trade Economics, Journal of China Soft Science, China Technology Investment.

Professor Fang has Guide ed many master dissertations, some master thesis and one undergraduate honors thesis. She teaches International Marketing ,Business Ethics and Multi-Cultural Conflict, International Economics,research courses to students.

Current Research

Hong Fang's research interests include Foreign Direct Investment,International marketing,International business strategy ,International Trade and Environment,Technology and Innovation Management.She is currently working on several projects, which include Project of National Natural Science Foundation.Research on measure of environmental pollution,evolution mechanism and regulation in China's import and export trade. Project of China Association of Science and Technology.science and technology human resources and development of strategic industries.The development of new methodologies to perform conjoint analysis, including the DEA , investigation ,input-output model and by the expansion and improvement of the model,the study of regime changes with an application to multiple regression analysis.


International Trade and Environment

International Business Strategy

Technology and Innovation Management.

International Transfer of Technology

Foreign direct investment

International Marketing Research

Publication List


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Ph.D., Industrial Economics, Renmin University of China, 2001

M.S., Maketing, Yunnan University, 1989

B.S., Economy Management, Yunnan University, 1984