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Name:Yu Xueying
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Title: Lecturer
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Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Natural Resources and Environment Management, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013

M.S., Finance, Peking University, 2008

B.S., International Economics and Trade, Beihang University, 2006

I am an assistant professor in the School of Economics and Management, Beihang University (formerly Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics). My research efforts are dedicated to finding the optimal institutional designs that help promote pro-environmental behaviors, both individually and collectively. I keep a broad definition of "institution" by investigating not only economic mechanisms and policy rules, but also resource tenure, production model, community infrastructure layout and social capitalstock. I try to understand how the diversified social institutions direct people's environment-related behaviors, as well as their underlying environmental psychology. These behaviors include but not limited to forest plantation, domestic waste recycling, pollutant discharge, pro-environmental purchase, and green technology investment. Economic optimization and random field experiment are the two major approaches I use in my work.

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