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Name:LI Chenxi
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Title: Lecturer
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Research Interests】

Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Field Experiment,Quantitative Marketing


2011-2016, Ph.D., Marketing, School of Management, FudanUniversity, Shanghai, China

2014-2015,Joint-Ph.D Program Training, Marketing, Fox Business School, Temple University, U.S

2007-2011, Bachelor, English, Department of Foreign Languages andLiteratures, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2008-2011, Bachelor (second degree), Economics, School ofEconomics and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Chenxi Li, Xueming Luo, Cheng Zhang and Xiaoyi Wang. “Sunny,Rainy,and Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Promotion Effectiveness”.Marketing Science, forthcoming. (A+,SSCI)


Chenxi Li,Xueming Luo, Kristina Wittkowski and Fue Zeng.Unexpected Weather Change and Mobile Promotion.38th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Shanghai, China, June 2016.

Chenxi Li,Xueming Luo, Cheng Zhang and Xiaoyi Wang. Weather andMobile Promotion Purchase: Evidence from Big Data Field Experiments.Winter AMA Conference, Las Vegas, US, Feb 2016.

Chenxi Li,Xueming Luo, Yiping Song and Chee Wei Phang.Eco-Friendly Car Policy: Targeted and Spillover Effects.Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management,Vol.362, P1225-1237, 2015.

Chenxi Li,Andrew Reinaker, Xiaoyi Wang and Xueming Luo. Mobile AppDeep Engagement.37th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Baltimore, US,June 2015.