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Name:SU Wenping
Tel No.:82338921    
Email:  swps27@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Associate Professor
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Work Experience

Feb. 2002 School of Economics and Management (SEM), Beijing University of

-PresentAeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), Beijing, P.R. China

Associate Professor (since July 2005), Director of MBA Center (since Dec. 2008)

· Taught Human Recourses Management (HRM) for MBA students and HRM &

Communications in Project Management (PM) for students of Master in PM

· Taught Communication Skills, Career Development Planning and Marketing Research

for Undergraduates

· Did research on HRM and career development

· Took charge of MBA Education Center, BUAA(2008-present)

· Took charge of Career Development Center, SEM(2005-2007)

· Took charge of BUAA Sino-Australia MBA Program(2002-2005)

· Offered seminars and consulting services on career development for BUAA students

Feb. 2001ABB (China) Limited, Beijing, P.R. China

-Aug. 2001HR Manager – Programs and JV Support (reported to HR VP directly)

· In charge of supporting the new joint venture to set up

· Help joint ventures (JVs) to improve their performance on C & B and other HR functions

· Helped JVs to handle the emergencies such as strike, unexpected employee dying, etc.

Sep. 1999 Business School, Kingston University, London, U.K.

-Sep. 2000 Visiting staff in HRM Dept.

· Involved in HR program on local Chinese enterprises

· Audited all the courses of Master Degree on HR Management

· Worked as a volunteer for British Heart Foundation and Micsoft Center (a local NGO)

July 1995 Zhengzhou Fascination Ltd. (A JV retailer with 400 staff), Zhengzhou city

-Sep. 1997(capital of Henan, a province with largest population in China), Henan, P.R. China

HR Manager

· Took charge of HR department of the company

· Made the company’s HR planning, designed and managed recruitment activities

· In charge of the company’s training program (which was quite famous locally)

July 1990 Henan Institute of Finance & Economics, Zhengzhou, Henan, P.R. China

-Aug. 1997Lecturer of Economics; Student Life Consultant for Undergraduates

· Taught courses such as Personal Management, Statistics in HR, Labor Law, etc.

· Induced freshmen and sophomores into new environment and university life

Part-time Work Experience

Mar. 2007- PresentTraining Instructor for GCDF Certificate

Oct. 2005 – May 2007Expert in career development education of China Ministry of Education

Feb. 2002- Dec. 2005 Project Manager of Sino-Australian Intl. MBA Project, BUAA

Sept. 2001 Global Village of Beijing (An Environmental NGO), Beijing, China

-Dec. 2002 Program Officer of International Communication Affairs (Voluntary Work)

Summer 1998 HSBC International Trust Ltd., Hong Kong

Summer Intern: Client Profitability Project

Training & Education

Sep. 2007-SEM, BUAA, Beijing

PresentPh. D Candidate in Management Science and Engineering

July 2005 Training Program for the certificate of GCDF (Global Career Development

Facilitator) by (NBCC), Beijing

1997-1999School of Business & Management, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Master of Business Administration; Member of University Teaching Assistant

Coordination Committee

1998 Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, Exchange Program

(Aug-Dec) Research Assistant of Professor Hemley Baligh, (expert on Multiple-culture

Issues); Member of Consulting club and International Business Club; Employee of

Kiosk, Fuqua Snack Bar

1996-1997 Training Courses for Professional HR Managers, on Business Communication

Skills and for Professional Sales Managers, Shanghai

1986-1990SEM, BUAA, Beijing

BE in Management Engineering; President of Internal Coordination Department,

University Student Union; Awarded Excellent Student Cadre of the University

Major Publications

Su, Wenping, et al. Measurement and Analysis on Undergraduates’ Employability. ICIM’2010 (The 10th International Conference on Industrial Management), Sept. 16-17, Beijing, China, 2010

Tan, Jia & Su, Wenping. Relationship between Proactive Personality and Career Decision-making Difficulties of University Students. Nanjing: Journal of Guangxi Normal University (Nature Science Edition), 2010(2)

Su, Wenping. Participation-Model Didactics for Undergraduates in China. Beijing: Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Social Science Edition), 2009(3)

Su, Wenping, et al. Development Model to Enhance University Students’ Employability in China.

(Top Exellent-Paper Prize of the Furom.) The 2nd China International Forum of Career Planning & GCDF Global Summit 2008. Shanghai, China. Oct. 30-Nov.3

Su, Wenping, et al. Career Management on Technical Talents in Aviation Manufacturing Enterprises. ICIM’2008 (The 9th International Conference on Industrial Management), Sept. 16-18, Osaka, Japan, 2008

D’Netto, B., SU, Wenping, & Shen, Jie. Management Development Effectiveness in China. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 8-13, Anaheim, California, 2008

D’Netto, B. & Wenping, SU. Management Development Effectiveness in China: Importance of the Strategic Link.Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Round table Workshop).Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. August 3-8, 2007

Zhou, Hongyan & Su, Wenping. Career Development Planning for University Students (Textbook). Beijing: Chemistry Industry Publish, 2008.1

D’Netto, B. & SU, Wenping. How Effective is Management Development in China Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences XVII International Conference. Troyes, France. June 9-11, 2007

Su, Wenping. Research on Effective Performance Management among Research Organizations in China. Beijing: Human Resource Management of China, 2007 (4)

Su, Wenping. Research on Customer-Oriented Didactics in Business Education in China. Qingdao: ICIM’2006, Sept. 23-25, 2006

Su, Wenping et al. Career Development Theories and Human Resources Development in Chinese Enterprises. Shanghai: Talent Exploration, 2006(8)

Su, Wenping. Strategies for Technical Professionals in their Career Development Planning. Beijing: Human Resource Management of China, 2006(6)

Su, Wenping. Research on Customer-Oriented Didactics in Higher Education. Beijing: Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Social Science Edition), 2005(3)

Su, Wenping, et al. Analysis on the Efficiency of Employees’ Management Development and Organizations’ Training Program. Jiangsu: Journal of Suzhou University (Social Science Edition), 2005(1)

Su, Wenping. Research on Non-Economy Motivation to Key Employees. Shanghai: Talent Exploration, 2004(10)

Su, Wenping. Initial Research on Self-Marketing and Personal Career Development. Jiangxi: Enterprise Economy, 2004(10)

Su, Wenping. Strategies for Managing Problem Employees in Small Companies in China. Beijing: Human Resource Management of China, 2004(9)

Su, Wenping. Research on Effective Training System among State-Owned-Organizations in China. Beijing: Human Resource Management of China, 2004(8)

Research Funding

Jun. 2010 –Dec. 2011Promote Undergraduates’ Employability based on Employers’ Evaluation through Career Intervention, a project with RMB 40,000 budget sponsored by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

Mar. 2010 –Dec. 2010Marketing Strategy and Brand Build-up for Waffleboy Cakes, a project with RMB180,000 budget sponsored by Beijing Guangrui Food Ltd.

Feb. 2010 –Oct. 2010Re-organization and HR Strategy Design for Beijing Investment-ERG Transportation Technology Ltd., a project with RMB120,000 budget sponsored by BI-ERG Ltd.

Sep. 2008- Dec. 2009 Employment Issues of Students from in Western China, a project with RMB57,000 budget sponsored by Beijing Normal University

Jul. 2008 – Oct. 2010BUAA Didactics Innovation Project “Research on Promoting low-level Undergraduates’ Employability through Career Intervention”, Funded by Department of Teaching Affairs, BUAA

Feb. 2007- Dec. 2009 Training Project for University Staffs in Western China to Improve the Employability of Students from Poor Families, a project with $86,000 budget sponsored by Ford Foundation

Sep. 2005 - June 2006BUAA Didactics Innovation Project “Research on Didactics Innovation of Employability Training-based Course for Undergraduates in Major of Industry and Business Administration, BUAA” , Funded by Department of Teaching Affairs, BUAA

Dec. 2004 -May 2005 HR Strategy and Recruiting Design for Beijing Ruixin Investment Ltd., a project with RMB10,000 budget sponsored by Ruixin Investment Ltd

Honor and Awards

Jun. 2010Award of the 2nd Level for Teaching Innovation, BUAA

Jan. 2010 Outstanding -Performance Faculty of Year 2009, SEM, BUAA

2003-2009 Award of Outstanding Teaching (Every semester), MBA center, BUAA

Jun. 2009Award of Outstanding Educator, BUAA

Jan. 2008 Outstanding-Performance Faculty of Year 2007, SEM, BUAA

Jul. 2007 Award of Distinguished Instructor of BUAA Public Courses, Voted by BUAA Undergraduates

Jan. 2006 Outstanding-Performance Faculty of Year 2005, SEM, BUAA

Jan. 2005BUAA Teaching Award of the 2nd level from North-Western Airline Group

Nov. 2004Award of the 3rd Level for Teaching Innovation, BUAA

July 1994Award of the Most Excellent Instructors, Henan Institute of Finance & Economics