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Name:ZHAO Qiuhong
Tel No.:82316181  
Email: qhzhao@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Professor
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Sep.1999-June.2002: Ph.D. in Logistics Management Science,Beihang University , China

Sep.1996-July.1999: M.Sc. (Eng) in Theory on Mechanical Design,China University of Mining and Technology, China

Sep.1986-July.1990: B.Sc.(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering,Tianjin University,China

Career history

July.2009-Now Professor,School of Economics and Management,Beihang University , Beijing ,China

Apr.2007-Jun.2008 Post-doctoral, GERAD HEC, University of Montreal, Montreal ,Canada

July.2003-July.2009: Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management,Beihang University ,Beijing,China

Sep.2002-July.2003: Assistant Professor,School of Economics and Management,Beihang University , Beijing , China

Mar.1993-Aug.1996: Lecturer,Yangquan College ,Taiyuan University of Technology , Shanxi, China

Aug.1990-Feb.1993: Engineering Assistant, Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.,Shanxi,China

Visiting and Part-Time Positions

Jun.2006-Aug.2006: Senior Research Associate, Department of Management Science, City University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong.

Mar.2005-July.2005: Research Associate, Department of Logistics, The Hong Kong Poly- technic University , Hong Kong.

Sep.2004-Nov.2004: Research Associate, Department of Logistics, The Hong Kong Poly- technic University , Hong Kong.

Professional Activities

Jan.2011- Dec. 2013. Joint Replenishment of Horizontal Firms in Supply Chain with the Consideration of Risk Pooling and Depended Lead Time. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 71071007), Principal.

Jan.2009 – Jun. 2010: Guest editor, Special Issue of Computers and Industrial Engineering (38th ICC&IE).

Jan.2009 - Dec.2011: Research on Behavior based Modeling and Management of Some problems in Social and Economic system. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 70821061), Primary attendee.

Jan.2008 - Dec.2010: Research on Demand Forecasting and Inventory Decisions of Multi- echelon Logistics System based on Complex Information.National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 70771001), Principal.

Jan.2004 - Dec.2006: Research on the Integration of Location, Inventory and Transportation under Uncertain Demand Environment, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 70301001), Principal.

Oct.2002 - July.2004: Research on the Construction of Integrated Transportation System of China, Chinese Academy of Engineering , Primary attendee.

Jan.2003 - Mar.2003: On planning and Design of Cross-border Logistics Systems for Uncertain Environment, City University of Hong Kong, Primary attendee.

Sep.2002 - Jan.2003: Analysis on the Layout of Logistics Center of Dalian Airport, Civil Aviation Administration of China, Primary attendee.

Research related Awards

2004 Outstanding Ph.D. dissertation of Beihang University .

2005 Nomination of Outstanding Ph.D. dissertations in China .

2007Member of “New Century Excellent Talent of Ministry of Education in China”.

2009 “Blue Sky” Scholar, Beihang University.

Research Interest

Metaheuristic Methods (Tabu Search, Variable Neighborhood Search, etc.) in Combinatorial and Global Optimization;

Supply Chain and logistics Management.

Location, Transportation, Inventory


Books and chapters in edited books

[1]D Huang,QH Zhao,CC Fan.Simulation-based Optimization of Inventory Model with Products Substitution. In: Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management(Ed. by TCE Cheng andTM Choi), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010297-312

[2]QH Zhao,SY Wang and KK. Lai. Optimization methods of logistics management and their application (in Chinese), Science Press Beijing China , 2006. 281 pages, [ISBN: 03-015899-7].

[2]QH Zhao,GP Xia and SY Wang, Research on thelocation-routing problems: State of art and the future development (in Chinese), In: Theory, Method and the Application of Decision Science(Ed. by YC Yu and SY Wang), Zhuoyue Press Beijing , China. 2000 154-160.

Articles in Scientific Journals

[1] QH Zhao, J Brimberg, N Mladenovic. A variable neighborhood search based algorithm for finite-horizon markov decision processes. Accepted byApplied Mathematics and Computation.

[2]D Huang, H Zhou,QH Zhao. A competitive multiple-product newsboy problem with partial product substitution.Omega(2010). Available on line.

[3]QH Zhao, S Chen, SCH Leung and KK Lai. Integration of Inventory and Transportation Decisions in a Logistics System.Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review. 46 (2010) 913-925.

[4]QH Zhao,D Urosevic,N Mladenovicand P Hansen. A restarted and modified simplex search for unconstrained optimization.Computers and Operations Research36 (2009) 3263-3271.

[5]QH Zhao,TCE Cheng. An analytical study of the modification ability of distribution centers.European Journal of Operational Research194 (2009) 901-910.

[6]QH Zhao,S Chen and CX Zang. Model and Algorithm for Inventory/Routing Decision in a Three-Echelon Logistics system.European Journal of Operational Research191(2008)623-635.

[7]QH Zhao, SY Wang and KK Lai. A Partition Approach to the Inventory/Routing Problem,European Journal of Operational Research177 (2007)786-802.

[8]QH Zhao, W Xie. The Robust optimization model and algorithm to production- distribution logistics System.System Engineering(in Chinese)24(4) (2006) 7-12.

[9]QH Zhao, W Xie and MH Xi. Analysis on the increment potential of supply chain management through Logistics Optimization.Management Review(in Chinese)18(5) (2006) 45-48.

[10]Y Yu,QH Zhaoand H Zhou. Application of the Improved Electre Method in supplier selection of responsive supply chain.Journal ofBeijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(Social Sciences Edition) (in Chinese)19(2) (2006) 13-16.

[11]QH Zhao, SY Wang, KK Lai and GP Xia. Model and algorithm of an inventory problem with transportation cost.Computers and Industrial Engineering46 (2004) 389-397.

[12]QH Zhao, SY Wang, GP Xia and KK Lai. Designing optimal routing strategies for a manufacturer: a case study.Production Planning and Control14 (1) (2003) 33-41.

[13]QH Zhao, SY Wang, KK Lai and GP Xia. A vehicle routing problem with multiple use of vehicles.Advanced Modeling and Optimization4(3) (2002) 21-40.

[14]QH Zhao, SY Wang, KK Lai and GP Xia. Dynamic multi-period transportation model for vehicle composition with transshipment points.Advanced Modeling and Optimization3(1), (2001) 17-28.