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Name:KANG Yanfei
Tel No.:  
Email: yanfeikang@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Associate Professor
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Aug. 2014   Doctor of Philosophy                     Monash University, Australia

Dissertation: Event detection, classification and analysis on atmospheric time series

Supervisors: Professor Kate Smith-Miles and Professor Danijel Beluˇsic´

Thesis advisory committee: Professor Fima Klebanerand Professor Rob Hyndman

Jul. 2010   Masters coursework inStatistics Renmin University ofChina

Jul. 2009   Bachelor in Statistics                     Shandong University ofFinance and Eco- nomics

Research Interests

Statisticalcomputing · Time seriesanalysis · Big Data and machine learning

Working Experience


Nov. 2016 present


Associate Professor


School of Economics and Manage-




ment, Beihang University


Aug. 2015   Aug. 2016


Senior R&D engineer


Big Data Group, Baidu Inc.


Projects:   Credit scoring with BigData; Bigretails data analysis;

Quantitative investment

Aug. 2014 Jul. 2015   Postdoctoral Research Fellow   Monash University

Topic: Visualising forecastingalgorithm performance usingevolved time series instancespaces

Research Projects

Stress-testingalgorithms: generating new test instances toelicit insights funded byAustralianResearch Council, investigator. (2014 2015)

Computer Skills

Good at deploying and developing statistical models in Big Data distributed system with

Hadoop and Spark

Daily usage of Hive and HBase for Big Data

Skilled in Python and R for web scraping with complicated web pages, data processing for complex data, statistical modeling and machine learning

Have the background in parallel computing


1. Kang, Y. (2012).Real-time change detection in time series based on growing feature quantization.

In: Proceedings of the 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). IEEE, pp.1–6, EI.



Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Yanfei Kang                                                               2




2. Kang, Y., K. Smith-Miles, and D. Belusˇic´ (2013). How  to extract meaningful shapes from noisy time-series subsequences? In: Proceedings ofthe 2013 IEEE Symposium  on Computational Intelligence and Data Mining (CIDM).IEEE, pp.65–72, EI.


3. Kang, Y., D. Belusˇic´ , and K. Smith-Miles (2014). Detecting and Classifying Events in NoisyTime


Series. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 71(3), 1090–1104, SCI.


4. Kang, Y., D. Belusˇic´ , and K. Smith-Miles (2014). A note on the relationship between turbulent coherent structures and phase correlation. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of NonlinearScience


24(2), 023114,SCI.


5. Kang, Y., D. Belusˇic´ , and K. Smith-Miles (2015). Classes of Structures in the Stable Atmospheric


Boundary Layer. Quarterly Journal of the Royal MeteorologicalSociety 141 (691),2057–2069, SCI.


6. Kang, Y., D. Belusˇic´ , and K. Smith-Miles (2015). Detection, Classification and Analysis of Events in


Turbulence Time Series.Bulletin of the AustralianMathematical Society 91 (3), 521–522,SCI.


7. Kang,  Y., R. J. Hyndman, and K. Smith-Miles (2016).  Visualising Forecasting Algorithm Performance using Time Series Instance Spaces. International Journal of Forecasting (inpress).



Recent presentations



The 7th International Forum on Statistics ofRenmin University ofChina, 2016,China



The 2014 Conference -Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE)Australia, Australia



The 2013 IEEESymposium on ComputationalIntelligence and Data Mining (CIDM), Singapore



The 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN),  Brisbane, Australia



The 2011  Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Graduate Winter School, Brisbane, Australia



Teaching Associate Experience



Optimisation, Estimation and Numerical Methods,Monash University(2014)



Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Monash University (2011 2013)



Awards & Scholarships



“100-Talent Program, by Beihang University, Nov. 2016



AMSI Winter School Travel Award, by Australia Mathematical Science Institute, May





Ph.D. scholarship for oversea studies, byChinese Scholarship Council(CSC), May 2010



First Class Scholarship, byRenmin University ofChina, 2009 2010



Outstanding Graduate of Shandong University ofFinance and Economics, May 2009



National Scholarship, by Ministry of Education of China, Oct.2008