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Associate Prof. Jie Ma

On leave to University of Michigan, US

Education and Working Experience

1. Sep, 2001: Ph. D. in Management Science and Engineering,Beihang University,Beijing,China.

2. June 1996: B.sc. in Mechanics Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China.

3. Sep, 2001—July, 2002: the Division of RMB exchange rate and market management, Chinese Bureau of State Administration of Foreign Exchange; Supervising daily affairs on foreign exchange and taking part in several policy research programs, including the early research on Mechanism Reform of RMB Exchange Rate.

4. Sep, 2002—Jan 2010: Department of Risk Management, School of Economics and Management, Beihang University; Teaching the undergraduates, graduates and foreign students (in English) and doing some research on Applied Econometrics, as well as Financial Risk Management.

5. Jan, 2010-now: visiting scholar, cooperative research in Ross Business Scholar of UM, US.


1. March, 2008: honored as “New Star of the Blue Sky in Scientific Research”,Beihang University.

2. April, 2002: the policy research report titled “the economic effect of Yen’s depreciation and our strategy” was submitted to the Chinese Premier and was honored as the “Special Top Dissertation Award” by Chinese Bureau of State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

3. May, 2000: Second Level Award, Management Talent in 21 Century Scholarship,Beihang University .

Academic Research Experience

1. 2009-2011, Project Director: Theoretical and applied research on the quantitative classification of China's national foreign assets to three grades and the dynamic adjustment of structure, supported by NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China), NSFC NO: 70803003.

2. 2008-2010, Project Director: During the process of RMB appreciation: Research on the gradual liberalization of the capital account of China , supported by the Social Science Foundation (NO: 07JC790053), Ministry of Education of P.R. China.

3. 2008-2010, Project Director: Research on the dynamic structural adjustment of China’s foreign exchange: A new nonlinear programming model, supported by the Talent Project of Blue Sky, Beihang University (NO: 221241)

4. 2009-2010, Project Director: How to extend the investment channels of the insurance fund and improve the investment efficiency?, supported by the Youth Science Foundation,Beihang University.

5. 2006-2010, Sub-Project Director: The modeling, forecasting and application research on the medium-term development of China’s macroeconomic, the significant project supported by NSFC (NO: 70531010).

6. 2008-2010, Project Director: The teaching reform on course framework of Insurance, supported by School of Economics and Management, Beihang University.

Besides the projects presided by me, I have take part in several other scientific projects supported by the Chinese National Foundation, including NSFC and SSFC, and published more than 25 academic papers.


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