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Science and art in my heart:Academician Yan Jia’an was invited to make lectures in BUAA SEM

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In April 24, 2017, the famous scientist,probability theory and stochastic analysis Chinese Academy Yan Jia’an visit"BUAA Business Forum", BUAA SEM Shangxueminxing Workshop, and took the lecture which the topic is "science and art in my heart". This lecture was held in A212 of New Main Building, presided over by Dean Fan Ying. Associate Professor, Graduate director Shan Wei, Professor Li Ping, Professor Han Liyan,Professor Liu Shancun, Professor Zhao Shangmei, associate professor and Professor Wang Chenlan attended the lecture. In addition there are more than 70 teachers and students attended the lecture.

Academician Yan Jiaan is a well-known randomprobability theory, mathematical analysis and financial experts. He was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999, and is one of the leading academic leaders in the field of probability theory, stochasticanalysis and financial mathematics. He is the editor in chief of the Journal ofApplied Mathematics (English Edition), the editorial board of the InternationalJournal of probability theory, stochastic analysis and applications.He has won the two prize in science and technology progress, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Natural Science Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National BookAward nomination award, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. In August 2002, he was invited to make a 45 minute report at the International Congress of mathematicians in Beijing. He has made many fundamental contributions in the fields of probability theory, martingale theory,stochastic analysis and white noise analysis.

However, this seminar is not a strict academician to give you a profound mathematics, but from a higher point of view to explain the relationship between science and art. Firstly, He explained the beauty of science and art, and art education can improve people's quality through the display of painting, poetry, calligraphy and other artistic and scientific theory of interoperability. Then he quoted the classic things to explained the similarities between science and art.In the end, he elaborated his thoughts and suggestions on College education. He believed that the accumulation of knowledge and imagination are the two most important factors in determining innovation. He suggested that schools should cultivate people who can think independently and solve practical problems which is of special significance.


After the lecture, Yan academicians answered the questions raised by teachers and students and warned the students not only limited to the professional knowledge of learning, but also to improve cultural literacy, because aesthetic education and art education is an important part ofquality education. Everyone presented was deeply impressed by the personal charmof the academician. Academician Yan Jia’an let us feel of great ingenuity and learnthe style of rigorous scholarship. Teachers and students all expressed great benefit.