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Dr. Zhengbing He: Some thinkings on scientific research and process reproduction

Publish Date: 2017/04/25 08:28:51    Hits:

On 23thApril, 2017, in Room A728 of the New Main Building,Dr. Zhengbing He, Assistant professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, was invited to make a lecture on “scientific research feelingsand process reproduction’.The lecture was hosted by Associate professor Tianliang Liu. More than 40 people attended, including professors, graduate and undergraduate students from School of Economics and Management and School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beihang university.

At the beginning, Dr. He shared his own research experience and feelings. He emphasized that young students should have bright insights and keep unremitting efforts. It is important for young researchers to cultivate scientific research interests, which can help them find out some happiness and achieve their own values. Based on his own experience, Dr. He further analyzed several key factors impacting the efficiency of scientific research, and gave some suggestions on how to improve the efficiency from many aspects, such as document management, paper layout and revision, review reply, and data collation and archiving. Finally, he summarized that, some trivial but complicated jobs can be done rapidly when researchers work following some standardized research processes.

After the lecture, Dr. He conducted further discussions with the audience. The lecture has been widely welcomed by the audience. Particularly, it is useful for graduate and undergraduate students toformsome good habits to do scientific research, besides finding out their own disadvantages.