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Prof. Hai Yang Shared Latest Researches on Ride-sourcing Markets with SEM Faculties and Students

Publish Date: 2017/12/04 11:11:42    Hits:

December 1st,2017, in Room A716 of the New Main Building, Dr. Hai Yang, an Chair Professor in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and technology, was invited to give a lecture, entitled Emerging Research Issues Associated with Ride-sourcing Markets". The lecture was hosted by Associate professor Tianliang Liu. More than 40 audiences attended,including professors, graduate and undergraduate students from Beihang University,Tsinghua University, Hefei University of Technology, University of International Business and Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business and North China University of Technology.

Urban mobility has undergone drastic changes in recent years with the introduction of application-based taxi and car service e-hailing systems. These systems providetimely and convenient on-demand ride services to anyone, anywhere and anytime.E-hailing is now prevalent in the traditional taxi industry by effectively mitigating information asymmetry and uncertainty between customers and taxi drivers; E-hailing in the form of ride-sourcing can efficiently match arequesting customer with an affiliated private car driver nearby for on-demandride services.

In this lecture,Prof. Yang highlighted some emerging research issues associated with ride-sourcing markets, such as demand forecasting, pricing and ridesharing, aswell as analysis of human mobility and network property with big data of cartrajectory. During the lecture, the participants conducted in-depth discussions with Prof. Yang on the issues.