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Prof. Ning Zhou:TSS Model Application in Teaching Case Development Based on SPS Case Study Approach

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Shang Xue Yue Dao @ Business Management Academic Forum

At noon on April 13, 2018, the third phase of the “Shang Xue Yue Dao” @ Business Management AcademicForum was successfully held in the new main building A949. Nearly 70 teachersand students actively participated in the forum, which was paid great attentionat the beginning of its release. The forum was hosted by Prof. Yan Zou and Prof.Ning Zhou gave the lecture.

The topic of this forum is “TSS Model Application in Teaching Case Development Based on SPSCase Study Approach”. Prof. Ning Zhou shared a lot from two aspects, namely“Analysis of TSS Case Development Model” and “Attainment experience of CaseDevelopment and Case Teaching”. As a professor with rich developmentexperience, Prof. Ning Zhou won 15 national cases rewards, include 1 casepublished by Harvard Business Cases, 9 National hundred excellent managementcases and 5 MPAcc excellent cases.

Based on theintroduction of SPS Case Study Approach, Prof. Ning Zhou proposed for theproblems existed in case writing such as “Two skin phenomenon, easy to digress,low efficiency and poor copy” that the "TSS Teaching Case DevelopmentModel based on the SPS case study approach" can be used to solve thedilemma of case writing through the logical system of"theorizing-contextualization- structuring ". Afterwards, ProfessorNing Zhou took one of her National hundred excellent management cases “Distractiondisplay of Revenue Recognition: Financial Processing of E-commerce PlatformModel” as an example to analyze the application of TSS model from two aspects:case layout and case writing. Prof. Ning Zhou’s explanations were made in asimple way and the language was concise, vivid, and vital. This enabled theaudience to have a deeper understanding of the application of the “TSS casedevelopment model”.

Referring tocase development and perception of case teaching, Prof. Ning Zhou pointed out:Case paper writing can promote the improvement of independent thinking,judgment and decision-making ability; case development, case teaching, and casestudy are all mutually beneficial and reinforcing.

Finally, Prof.Taohua Ouyang shared her experiences of “one case with multiple uses” in casestudy and development.

The content ofthe lecture was both theoretical and practical, and it was successfullyconcluded in enthusiastic applause. Until the end, the faculty and studentscontinued to discuss and review the contents of the lecture. They expressedthat they have learned a lot and this lecture has provided great help for casedevelopment and case study in the future.

Writer:Qi Wang

Translator:Jieling Fan