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2018 Spring Graduate Courses by Overseas Experts at BEIHANG SEM

Publish Date: 2018/05/24 11:08:34    Hits:

2018 Spring Graduate Courses by Overseas Experts are smoothly going on at Beihang SEM since April, 2018. In the past two months, the courses of "Renewable Energy Smart Manufacturing"and "Advancesin Carbon Emission Trading Theories and Applications" are successfully given by Prof. Andrew Kusiak and Associate Prof. Xin Wang. The two courses got praises from students of Beihang SEM.

The courses of "Renewable Energy Smart Manufacturing" by Prof. Andrew Kusiak from the University of Iowa, introduces fundamentals of renewable energy generation and the basic concepts of smart manufacturing. The focus of renewable energy generation is on wind energy, in particular design of wind turbines,location and layout design of wind farms, control of turbines and wind farms,predictive modeling, diagnostics, operations and maintenance, health monitoring and of turbine components and systems, wind farm performance optimization, andintegration of wind power with a grid. Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation leading to its greater autonomy. Companies are increasingly using sensors and wireless technologies to capture product and process data. The emerging trends in manufacturing are captured in the form of hypotheses. Therole of artificial intelligence and big data in smart manufacturing is discussed.

The courses of "Advancesin Carbon Emission Trading Theories and Applications " by Associate Prof. Xin Wang from  Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris - Sciences Po, makes a selection of typical andrepresentative carbon emission trading literature in the scope of economic andmanagement sciences. Taking the background of socio-economic contexts whereexisting carbon emission schemes take place, it aims at enhancing the general mastering of students on carbon trading and improving writing and analyticalcapacities.

During the courses, students were listening carefully, and asked questions actively. During the break, the discussion between professors and audience wereas hot as the weather.