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Professor Ning Li Shared His Latest Research on the Sixth Event of Business Administration Colloquium

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The sixth eventof Business Administration Colloquium was successfully held on 28 Sep 2018.Around 40 faculties and students attended the event. Associate Professor Lin Ma chaired the event.

Ning Li is an Associate Professor with tenure and Pioneer Research Fellow in the Department of Management and Organizations at The University of Iowa. In theresearch seminar, Professor Ning Li shared his latest research entitled“Superstar alarm: Exploring the dual effects of team creative stars’ influence on team creativity”. Although previous research has highlighted the disproportional contributions of star employees to their organizations, anemerging line of research has begun to examine the potentially negative consequences of star performers. In this talk, He briefly reviewed previousresearch on star employees and presented a working paper exploring the dualeffects of team creative stars’ influence on team creativity. In this research,drawing on a social model of team creativity, they developed a dualistic modelof the influences of team creative stars (i.e., the most creative members) on team creativity.

After Professor Ning Li’s presentation, the audiences further discussed with him uponthe research issues related to contents, backgrounds, and methods.