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The 4th Beihang IEB Forum Opened for the Celebration of the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of Beihang University

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In Oct 20, 2018, the fourth Beihang International Economics and Business(IEB) Forum was held in Ruxin Convention Center. The forum on "New Perspectiveson Global Business Research—Challenge, Innovation and Communications "asthe theme, is organized by Institute of Economics & Business and School ofEconomics & Management. The conference invited many well-known scholars fromUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Monash University, University of Macau,China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), ESCP Europe BusinessSchool, University of International Business and Economics, Renmin Universityof China, Beijing Normal University, Tianjin University and Beihang University.

Professor Yunpeng Wang, the Vice-president of Beihang, first addressedthe conference on behalf of the university. He introduced the developmenthistory and brilliant achievements of Beihang University and the birth backgroundof the Institute of Economics & Business. On behalf of the school, heexpressed his welcome and gratitude to scholars from all over the world, andwished the conference a complete success.

Later, Professor Ying Fan, Dean of School of Economics & Managementof Beihang University, on behalf of the school, also delivered a warm speech,saying that the theme of this forum has promoted the development of globalbusiness research, and that a batch of talents has joined the Institute ofEconomics & Business and helped the research of Beihang University toachieve fruitful results. Dean Ying Fan also expressed her warm welcome to thedistinguished guests, and extended her sincere appreciation to them for theirsupport to this forum and the Institute of Economics & Business.

The forum was chaired by Professor Jinsong Huang. After the openingceremony of the forum, Prof. Sanjoy Ghose of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukeeintroduced the topic on “Potential and Challenges of Marketing Research in theEra of Digital Economy”, Prof. Hean Tat Keh of Monash University gave hisspeech themed by “Promoting Green Consumption: A Consumer PsychologyPerspective”, Prof. Rico Long Wai Lam of University of Macau delivered a speechfocused on “Analyzing Simple and Complex Moderation in Global Business Research”,and Associate Prof. Taiyuan Wang of China Europe International Business School(CEIBS) made a point on “Human Capital Acquisition and Organization Innovation:A Temporal Perspective”.

In the afternoon, Prof. Wei Zhou of ESCP Europe Business School, Prof.Zhong Yao of Beihang University, Assistant Prof. Lingduo Jiang of University ofInternational Business and Economics, Associate Prof. Jin Zhang of RenminUniversity of China, and Assistant Prof. Dong Ju and Yan Li of Beijing NormalUniversity, Assistant Prof. Cheng Luo of Tianjin University, Dr. Wenyu Du andYunhui Xie, and Associate Prof. Lin Ma of Beihang University gave excellentreports on their latest research respectively.The reports, diverse in topics and rich in content,have high level of results and are of great value.

This forum provides a platform for communications and interactions betweenthe domestic and foreign scholars in the field of frontier of economicsresearch, and it also brings an academic visual feast for the SEM’s teachersand students. In the future, the Institute of Economic and Business willcontinue to enhance dialogues and cooperation with leading scholars at home andabroad to promote the development of disciplines of economics and business.