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Professor Zhichun Li:Modeling the effects of air-rail cooperation on synergy in regional airports

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On the afternoon of October 15,Professor Zhichun Li of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was invited to give a lecture titled “Modeling the effects of air-rail cooperation on synergy among regional airports” in Room A716,the new main building.The lecture was hosted by Associate professor Tianliang Liu. More than 30 audiences attended, including professors, graduate and undergraduate students from Beihang university,University of New South Wales, Beijing Information Science and Technology University and Beijing University of Technology. 

Professor Li Zhichun started fromthe actual contradiction between the actual through put and design throughput ofairports in different cities, and led the airlines to launch the marketing strategy of air-rail combined transport, and discussed the impact of air-rail cooperation on regional airport synergies. Airport pricing models with and without providing integrated air and rail services are proposed according to different airport regulations. The findings show: (1) for profit-maximizing airports, the air-rail integration service can lower the hubairport charge but increase the transfer airport charge. However, forwelfare-maximizing airport, the air-rail integration service would lower the hub/transfer airport charges; and (2) for profit-maximizing airports, air-railintegration service will decrease the hub airport profit but increase thetransfer airport profit, and a joint scheme of airport cooperation and air-railintegration is most efficient in terms of total airport profit. However, forwelfare-maximizing airport, the air-rail integration service has no effect onthe level of social welfare. The authority can attain the same social welfarethrough adjusting the airport charges of regional airports.

Professor Li Zhichun’s clear andin-depth report has benefited everyone. Finally, the participating teachers hadan in-depth discussion with Professor Li on the direction of the research, andthe report was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere.