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Professor Nan Zheng of MonashUniversity:Why does MFD model work?

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On September 17, 10:00-11:30 am, Dr. Nan Zheng from the Monash University was invited tovisit our institute and gave an academic report entitled “Why does MFD modelwork?” in the new main building A716. More than 30 professors and students fromthe School of Economics and Management and the School ofTransportation participated in this academic report. 

Macro Fundamental Diagram (MFD) is a hot topic in the field of traffic theory research in recentyears, especially in the direction of traffic flow theory. It describes thedynamic relationship of traffic flow at the aggregation level of road network,and provides a new perspective and methodology for evaluating the operationstatus of road network, regional traffic optimal control and urban trafficsystem planning.。Its formis concise and its function is ingenious. Its theoretical characteristics,model attributes and engineering applications are widely concerned andexpanded.

Thepurpose of this academic exchange is to carry out in-depth exchanges withrelevant researchers on the theoretical basis of MFD. The contribution of MFDto traffic system modeling, large data analysis and road network operation andplanning and design is discussed from four aspects: the origin of MFD concept,data representation, theoretical derivation and decision support.

ProfessorZheng Nan's logical and in-depth report has benefited us a lot. During themeeting, the teachers and students had an in-depth discussion with Dr. Zheng onsome of the puzzles of the study, and the report was successfully concluded ina warm atmosphere.

SpeakerDr. Nan Zheng is a Senior Lecturer (tenured) in the Institute of Transport Studies, Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University. Beforehis current appointment, Dr. Zheng was an Associated Professor in the School ofTransportation Science and Technology at Beihang University. He spent nearlyten years in Europe, to obtain his Master and PhD degrees at TU-Delft andEPF-Lausanne respectively, and Post-doc at ETH-Zurcih. His publications appearin leading transportation journals such as Transportation Research Part A/B/C,and his works are invited to present in prestigious transportation conferencessuch as ISTTT and IEEE-ITSC. Dr Zheng’s research interests include modeling andoperation of urban traffic systems, emerging vehicle and mobility technologies,transportation big data analytics, and novel planning and management with CAVs.Dr.Zheng is actively looking for PhD students with background in operationalresearch, computer science and mathematical modeling. Students who are willingto carry out short-term exchanges at Monash are also welcome.