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Dr.Xueheng Li:Designing Weighted and Directed Networks Under Complementarities

Publish Date: 2019/10/28 15:06:10    Hits:

On 25 Oct. 2019, we welcomed the speaker Dr. Xueheng Li of EconomicsExperimental Lab of Nanjing Audit University.Hisresearch interests include social andeconomic networks and behavioral game theory.The topicis “Designing Weighted and Directed Networks Under Complementarities”, which shows that all optimal networks are generalized nested split graphs (GNSGs) in which agents are ordered by“link-dominance”.


More than 20 teachers and students of the School of Economics and Management have participated in the seminar anddiscussed the study with Dr.Li.We are looking forward to the Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquium next week.