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Case Teaching Method for MBA Program of Beihang University: An Interview of Associate Prof. Deng Lu

Publish Date: 2016/09/12 15:25:29    Hits:

Figure 1: Associate Prof. Deng Lu from the School of Economics Management, Beihang University

Since September 2010, Beihang University began to adopt the case teaching method, which was originated from MBA programs of top international business schools. From then on, the Chinese Business Case Research Center of Beihang University was set up to facilitate our case teaching practices.

Case Teaching has been playing a more and more important role in the training of Beihang’s MBA students. Case development and case-based teaching is highly valued. Many faculties from different fields tend to work with MBA students on teaching case development as well as case research. And nearly one-third MBA students choose case study for their dissertation. Accordingly, a large number of cases were developed from MBA program, some even won major prizes in relevant competitions. These cases were also used back to the MBA courses.

Figure 2: Associate Prof. Deng Lu interviewed by Chinese MBA Education Net

Owing to the intensive efforts on case-based teaching, the MBA students of Beihang can master a lot of business cases through their program, which in turn improves their understanding on the business world. The student may find it difficult to deeply understand or memorize certain knowledge, yet the circumstances in corresponding cases are vivid and apparent to grasp. In this way, the students can acquire relevant insights for solution when facing challenging decision-making processes. Beihang University always value the case-based teaching in MBA program and we hope it can really help to bring improvements on professional abilities to our students.