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Dr.Feixiong Liao: Extensions of accessibility measures via multi-statesupernetworks

Publish Date: 2018/07/20 16:55:57    Hits:

On the morning of July 15, Dr. Feixiong Liao from Eindhoven University of Technology was invited to visit our department and gave an academic report titled “Extensions ofaccessibility measures via multi-state supernetworks” in the new main building A716. Professor Qiong Tian, Associate Professor Tianliang Liu, Dr. Chenlan Wang, and more than 30 students from the School of Economics and Management andSchool of Transportation attended the academic report.

In this lecture,Dr. liao introduced the activity-based model. Then he talk about Space-timeprism (STP) which is a fundamental concept in time geography. This study proposes a systemic approach to construct the STP bounds of activity programs that usually include various possible realizations of activity chains. To that effect, multi-state supernetworks are applied to represent the relevant pathsets of multi-activity travel patterns. A goal-directed search method inmulti-state supernetworks is developed to delineate the potential space–timepath areas satisfying the space–time constraints. Particularly, the approximate lower and upper STP bounds are obtained by manipulating the goal-directedsearch procedure utilizing landmark-based triangular inequalities and spatialcharacteristics. The suggested approach can in an efficient fashion find the activitystate dependent bounds of STP and potential path area.

After thelecture, Dr. liao conducted further discussions with the audience. The lecturehas been widely welcomed by the audience.